Car Accident Corpus Christi

Car, truck, company vehicle, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle accidents are covered on this page.

At Dave Johnson Investigations, we have extensive experience handling all types of motor vehicle and motorcycle collisions, bicycle, pedestrian accidents and car accident Corpus Christi. Our elaborate investigations lay the groundwork for success. Our goal is to discover the essential details necessary to determine liability and fault of a responsible party.

We encourage innocent victims of automotive wrecks to speak with us or a Corpus Christi car accident lawyer as soon as possible. There are a few reasons for this, one of which is the statute of limitations in the state of Texas.

How Our Investigations Work
Every accident is unique, so every investigation is going to be dependent on the specific details of the wreck in question. However, some common elements tend to arise in most auto accident investigations.

Our auto accident investigators will look into your accident by:

  • Examining physical evidence of the scene and vehicle
  • Tracing witnesses and recording their statements
  • Locating and examining accident documentation, including medical and police reports
  • Finding video footage of accident

We understand how important the little details of these cases are so we strive to assemble the necessary information to assist your legal team in receiving the verdict you deserve.

When it comes to automotive accidents, the investigators at Dave Johnson Investigations are experienced in a multitude of areas including:

Auto / Car Accident Corpus Christi

After a car or truck accident, there are potential instances of criminal activity or negligent behavior. We reconstruct the facts of the scene and look into the details left behind to put together the chain of events of that day. We look at the site, vehicles, and talk with witnesses as a part of our investigative process.

Our legal investigators are committed to pursuing truth above all else because it is only by having the facts at hand that your legal team can intelligently proceed in the best interest of their clients.

Truck Accidents

Car accidents and truck accidents are not the same! The process that ensues immediately after a truck accident is very different from that following an auto accident. The insurance companies representing the truck driver who hit you immediately deploy an army of investigators to gather as much evidence as possible. This evidence includes witness testimony, the black box from the truck that hit you, documentation about the driver’s history with the company, and more.

Armed with this evidence, the insurance company begins preparing a case against you. Their goal is to make you partially or even fully responsible for the accident

Federal laws regulate the trucking industry. Because commercial trucks cross state lines regularly, your truck accident case may involve legal jurisdictions far away from your home.

We investigate all types of accidents involving motor vehicles. These include:

  • Tractor-trailers
  • Semi-trucks
  • 18-wheelers
  • Dump trucks
  • Delivery trucks
  • Oversized load trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Commercial buses

At DJI, we understand that it takes a thorough investigation of a trucking accident in order to obtain the facts needed to successfully hold large corporations and insurance companies liable. Keep in mind that trucking companies and their insurance companies are anxious to settle and pay as little to you, the victim, as possible. If you are seeking the critical details of your accident in order to support your legal case, contact us immediately to have one of our investigators assist you now.

Company Vehicle Accidents

Companies are generally responsible for the actions of their employees when their employees are acting as agents for the company. This means that when a company vehicle is involved in an accident, the driver and/or company may be liable for damages.

  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Delivery Trucks
  • Utility Company Trucks
  • Repair Company Vans
  • Delivery Vans
  • Taxicabs, Shuttles, and Limousines
  • Buses (City, Charter, School)
  • Garbage and Dump Trucks
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Corporate Automobiles
  • Semi-Trucks
  • Box Trailers

The driver may be responsible if negligence played a role in the accident; additionally, employers may be liable for:

  • Negligent Supervision
  • Negligent Hiring Practices
  • Failure to Verify Proper Licensing/Certification
  • Failure to Properly Train Drivers
  • Failure to Maintain Vehicle

Motorcycle Accidents

The actions of other motorists are responsible for nearly one-third of all motorcycle accidents. While at slow speeds with two enclosed vehicles, an accident of this nature may not cause serious harm however, for motorcyclists, even a fender bender can be injurious.

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents due to another vehicle operators negligence include:

  • Impaired judgment due to an illegal blood-alcohol level
  • Operating a vehicle without corrective lenses
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Bad weather conditions

Motorcycle accidents can also be the result of a mechanics negligence, including:

  • Failure to properly align a misaligned tire
  • Not recognizing the need for a tire to be replaced
  • Failure to foresee break failure or an engine problem

Poor weather conditions can also increase the likelihood of motorcycle accidents. While bad weather is natural, county officials are responsible for road maintenance, including fixing potholes and loose gravel. Enclosed vehicles can withstand the shock of a pothole or skid of loose gravel motorcycles on the other hand, are more likely to skid out or flip.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

One of the most common cases of a pedestrian injury is by collision of a car. When a negligent driver hits an innocent pedestrian, either on foot or a bicycle, the resulting injuries are typically severe.

DJI has seen a lot of these accidents, and the root cause for most of them is negligence. Pedestrians aren’t always blameless, to be sure, but it’s certainly the case that many car drivers struggle to safely operate their vehicles around pedestrians.

Common causes of these accidents include:

  • Intoxicated driving
  • Running red lights and hitting pedestrians in the crosswalk
  • Right turns through crosswalks without looking for pedestrians
  • Distracted driving, such as driving while texting
  • Illegally parked cars making it difficult to see pedestrians and bicycles

How we can help
No matter what type of vehicle you were in when your accident occurred, the private investigators at Dave Johnson Investigations can help you get the accident details and facts needed to make the best recovery possible. Our investigators work with a network of experts to thoroughly investigate auto accidents and identify all contributing factors. We use this information to build solid, evidence-based cases that greatly improve the likelihood of a successful outcome. It is important to remember that without an expert investigations of facts by a professional, you are at the mercy of insurance companies who are often more concerned with profits than helping victims of injury.