Witness Location

Investigators will use different methods to find the information they’re looking for, like police and fire reports. These typically include potential witnesses’ names and addresses. The next step is to interview these witnesses, get their statements, and have them sign it so that it’s binding. Investigators will canvas the area where the incident occurred to locate anyone else who may have seen anything important related to the occurrence.

If witnesses are difficult to find, private investigators will use a variety of people search methods, including address searches, phone searches, DMV record searches and real property searches. Professional private investigators have access to vast amounts of public records and specialized trade-only databases which can locate almost anyone anywhere. Sometimes locating a witness for a case and taking his or her statement is a straightforward process.

Obtaining witnesses for a legal proceeding can be irritating and time-consuming, but it is occasionally necessary to continue. When you have few staff members or resources, this task can become even more challenging. That’s where we come in as professional private investigators, we will save you precious time by using our tools and skills to find the witnesses you need quickly and efficiently.

Many attorneys use professional investigative agencies like ours to find witnesses and get statements that will help them win their cases. Our licensed private investigators are familiar with the process of finding people like witnesses and individuals who need to be served civil process papers.

The investigators are not only trained to find people, but they also have the right tools for doing so. No private investigator can guarantee that they will be able to find 100% of the people they are looking for, but there is a very high success rate – even in cases where it is most difficult to find someone.