Private Investigator Corpus Christi

DJI (Dave Johnson Investigations) has been a private investigator in Corpus Christi TX since 2014. DJI offers a wide range of investigative expertise and we specialize in missing persons, background checks, surveillance and many other services. We’ve had successful experiences conducting both small and large investigations for corporations, law firms, and insurers. We’ve won cases and brought the truth for many individuals who came to us looking for a private investigator in Texas to help solve their matters. DJI is headed by Dave Johnson who is a licensed Corpus Christi private investigator.

His experience spans several decades and he has access to all of the tools and resources to get your job done quickly and correctly. You’ll get the outcome you’re looking for when you work with Dave Johnson Investigations. Hiring a private investigator can be incredibly beneficial for many different types of cases. We offer superior investigative services that legal professionals may not have access to, including advanced surveillance techniques and the ability to conduct in-depth background checks. When required we work with well-known and respected people in the industry.

This can help save time and money by ensuring that only relevant data is collected and analyzed. By hiring a private investigation agency, individuals can take advantage of the experience and expertise to help resolve complex issues that may otherwise be difficult to solve. For example, when we conduct background checks in-depth we look into someone’s history, typically to verify the accuracy of someone’s resume or for pre-employment screening. It may include a criminal record search, and interviews with family members, neighbors, employers and colleagues.

While most companies conduct some form of background check prior to hiring someone, there are times when it is necessary to hire a private investigator for more comprehensive surveillance services. Private investigation agencies can provide specialized surveillance services that go beyond typical employer background checks. They can investigate surveillance on the subject’s activities both at home and while away from home.

Private investigator services include various methods such as interviewing people involved in the case and performing physical surveillance to uncover pertinent information about the subject. In addition, they can utilize various resources such as public records, court documents, and social media to obtain further information. With the help of private investigators, employers can get a more thorough understanding of the person they are considering for employment. By conducting an in-depth background investigation, employers can ensure that their future employees will be trustworthy and reliable.

When it comes to fraud investigation, many private investigators are proficient in the process of uncovering fraud and helping clients make secure decisions when dealing with suspicious activity. Private investigators can investigate fraud cases such as identity theft, fraud related to credit cards, or other financial frauds. They have a unique set of skills and experience that allow them to uncover fraud quickly and efficiently. Private investigators also specialize in personal information protection, ensuring that individuals’ personal data is not exposed or shared without their consent. If you’re a business owner, or private individual that needs a trusted source for private investigations, please contact DJI today.

We have good references and great relationships with people all over the state of Texas. When you hire a private investigator from DJI, you can have peace in knowing that you’re working with an elite team that knows how to solve a case quickly and efficiently. With years of experience in private security, and criminal justice, our investigators have the knowledge and expertise to tackle any case that comes their way. If you’re looking for private investigations services that you can trust, contact DJI today.